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Integrating ServiceNow® & Cornerstone OnDemand

Making learning a part of the daily flow of work

Like for any digital experience in the workplace very much also for Learning & Development the big challenge is how to make learning fit around what is actually happening in working days and working lives.

We all understand that for learning and training to be as effective as possible we do not need tons of classroom trainings, or a clunky e-learning catalogue that is tucked away deep in the web of enterprise software. We need to push dynamic and relevant learning content in the daily workflow of employees. We ultimately want to embed relevant learning suggestions in the platform people already work in, so the platform can coach and train how to be better on the job instead of people having to leave the platform to go look for input, that one answer, or learning item they need.

For many organisations the ServiceNow® Employee Service Center is the primary conversational portal for all 'people processes' and HR-related topics, making it the single place for employees to quickly and easily get all the HR-related services. In the world of corporate learning and people development systems (and learning content) Cornerstone OnDemand is the undisputed market leader.

ServiceNow® and Cornerstone now directly integrate the ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery with the Cornerstone Learning solutionplatform. This is a fantastic opportunity for companies familiar with both solutions to promote a culture of continuous learning by offering the training employees need directly in the tool they are already using for all other people processes in their daily work.

By enabling workers to launch training directly from the ServiceNow® Employee Service Center, follow-up on (compliance) learning tasks and track training completions this integration removes a big barrier of switching back and forth between platforms. This is a fairly simple step allowing you to deliver the right training in the right context and make people use the training content in the flow of their work. That's learning impact right there!

WhiteBrick and partner Cloudwatch offer deep learning expertise and software know-how of both the ServiceNow® and Cornerstone platform under one roof. If you want to learn more about how this integration can make learning flow within your organisation, contact Geert Beck of WhiteBrick, or Jochem ter Steege of Cloudwatch.

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