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ServiceNow`s San Diego release!


Late March, ServiceNow released its first upgrade of 2022: San Diego! 

The San Diego release enables organizations to add new levels of productivity, automation,
and innovation wherever work happens.

With its new release also comes a few excitements for the HR department:

Here we go through the changes that are made for the HR San Diego release

The biggest change could be the introduction of Agent Workspace for HR Case Management, a new workspace which has enhanced UI branding and configuration capabilities through the User Interface (UI) Builder. No worries, the HR Agent Workspace continues to exist. But if you struggle with the configuration limitations of HR Agent Workspace, you may want to consider migrating. You can contact us to help you make this assessment.

In the area of Employee Relations, a number of great enhancements are introduced such as:

Anonymous Report Center (ARC) 

The ARC enables your employees (or involved parties) to submit sensitive complaints or to report cases of misconduct without revealing their identity. Persons filing the complaint can still receive updates on their reports and communicate confidentially with investigators. 

ARC can be activated as a stand-alone feature, although we imagine the most relevant use cases are in the context of Employee Relations. 

Security for employee relations 

Given the sensitive nature of Employee Relations cases, an additional layer of security (next to the regular COE Security or ACLs) has been added which allows to restrict access on a
case-by-case level. Cases which have been restricted will only be visible to an identified group of users. 

Another feature which we think may be very useful is the possibility to add an ad hoc task or case to an active lifecycle event case and associate it with a specific activity set. Think about an onboarder that wants to change his/her personal information, during the onboarding cycle.

Ad hoc tasks or cases are not part of an original lifecycle event configuration. Ad hoc tasks or cases can be added to an existing stage of a lifecycle event that is in progress and active.  

Additionally, it now becomes possible to use server-side scripting to bypass the evaluation interval that is set for an activity set (which has a default of 4 hours). This way you can avoid delays in triggering next activity sets.  

Geert Beck & Megha Kulkarni 

WhiteBrick is a ServiceNow specialist partner that puts consumer-like services at the heart of
HR and builds platforms that gives professionals what they need to be at their best and drive their careers.

Geert Beck is Co-founder of WhiteBrick and a ServiceNow HR consulting specialist. 

Megha Kulkarni is a ServiceNow developer with a passion for HR. 

Do you want to know more about the San Diego release or do you have any questions. Contact us for the possibilities, call us directly on + 31 629 52 45 45 or send an email to 


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